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The Company . Serving The Electronic Industry Since 1952

BREL International was founded in 1953 as British Radio Electronics Ltd. The company was created to import British electronic components to the US market. At that time, many state-of-the-art items were produced in the United Kingdom, which had a long history of technological expertise.

The BREL name is the abbreviation of our original name, created to have a simple logo for our parts. Located in Washington, D.C. until 1981, where it outgrew the current facility, the organization moved to Sarasota, Florida to allow the continued growth of the company.

In the time since then, BREL has established a reputation for High Quality, Superior Personal Service and Accurate On-time Delivery. Many of our customers have NEVER had a quality rejection during the entire relationship together. And many of these relationships have extended for over 20 years and more. This long-term commitment extends not only to our customer base, but also to our associated manufacturing facilities throughout the world. BREL is committed to the long-term relationship, for the mutual benefit of all involved. Most customers simply know us as -- BREL.

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