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Passive Specialists . R/L/C - Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors
Thickfilm, SMD and Leaded

BREL manufactures a wide range of Resistors. The specifications listed in this catalog are those of our standard products. We are expert in making customer-design resistors.

If you need anything special, please contact us

Click Here CHM/CRM - High Voltage Chip Resistor - January 2007 - Issue 2
Click Here CHR-Chip Resistors for Non-magnetic application and Conductive Glueing
Click Here CHS - High-Megohm Chip Resistors - April 3, 2008
Click Here CRA/CRB - Trimmable Chip Resistors
Click Here CRS - Thickfilm Chip Resistors
Click Here CRW - Power Chip Resistors
Click Here GST - High Value Resistors radial leaded
Click Here HVR - High Voltage Resistors
Click Here HVT - Precision High Voltage Divider Networks

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