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Passive Specialists . R/L/C - Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors
CLC-Miniature and MLCC-Multilayer, Leaded

BREL manufactures a wide range of Capacitors. Specifications listed in this catalog are those of our standard products. We are expert in making customer-design capacitors.

If you need anything special, please contact us

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Product End-of-Life (EOL) Notice:
  RMB16, CLT, and CLC will be discontinued as of January 31, 2010
  with final delivery by March 31, 2010

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Type CLC-Miniature, Leaded Cermic Capacitor
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The CLC series MLCC-Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is available in four case sizes. The CLC2 is only 0.040" high by 0.050" wide by 0.100" long, the same size as the BREL Tantalum CLT "W" case size. This allows the lower capacitance value ceramic capacitors to fit into the same designs as the BREL tantalum capacitor's "W" case size. It uses the same solder coated pure nickel lead wire as our RMB16 and CLT series and is suitable for either soldering or welding. Axial or Radial Leads (CLC1 only).
Click Here Type CLC6-Miniature, Leaded Ceramic Capacitor to 2.2uFd
MLCC-C Series-Standard Ceramic Chip Capacitors
with Nickel-Tin Termination only
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MLCC Multilayer Chip Capacitor - C Series


MLCC-VA Series-Standard Ceramic Chip Capacitors with Palladium-Silver (Non-magnetic), Nickel-Tin, Nickel-Polymer,
 or Silver Termination and Special Sizes

Click Here MLCC-VA Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors-COG/NPO - Jan 1, 2011
Click Here MLCC Capacitor Specifications - Type C0G-NP0
Click Here MLCC Capacitor Specifications - Type X7R
MLCC-VE Series-Standard, High Frequency, or High Voltage Cermic Chip Capacitors with Palladium-Silver
(Non-magnetic), or Nickel-Tin Termination
Click Here MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors Shortform Catalog

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